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Sherry Whidby will serve on the team as the Communications Lead. In this role, she will be responsible for managing all forms of communication, and will maintain consistent contact with the team leaders of each project area. Sherry will relay project communications, schedule team meetings, keep the project on track, and coordinate all aspects of internal and external communication.

Sherry spent the majority of her career in corporate America, having been the Chief Operating Officer of MassMutual Dallas-Fort Worth, as well as the Director of Marketing for a financial services firm. Five years ago, Sherry made a move to serve the veteran community, when she took a role with Sons of the Flag, a nonprofit entity that is revolutionizing burn care for veterans, first responders, and families. She is currently the President and CEO of Sons of the Flag and she is absolutely thrilled to enhance programs that directly impact the lives of burn survivors and their families.

In her leisure time, Sherry enjoys listening to live music, socializing with friends, dancing, and traveling with her husband, Mark.

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