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Patrick currently serves as a Lieu tenant in special operations for fire rescue along with being a task force officer for federal organization serving on both technical rescue, WMD teams, joint terrorism task force and support swat as a paramedic. He is a nationally registered Paramedic. Patrick has worked in counterterrorism units and has over 14 years experience in emergency medical services. He holds a degree of EMS and countless number of certifications for medical practice. Over the years he has worked on numerous governmental contracts with military and DOD both in United States, overseas in the Middle East and a Special medical project with Space X. Patrick currently trains and teaches prolonged medicine in austere environments and tactical combat casualty care. He has worked in special operations as a medic in the field and level 1 trauma emergency rooms pediatric/adult and critical care.

As an avid athlete, living in south Florida, he is a runner, surfer,
CrossFit junky and Olympic weight lifter, he dedicates much of his time to studying neuroplasticity and natural ways to sustain the body in traumatic environments. He has a passion f or healing, PTSD awareness, mental difficulties and helping others get through tough times by showing them the true warrior way. It is his ultimate passion to allow God to work through his hands and heal as many humans possible who are in need.

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