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Matt Crane is US Navy veteran from Buffalo, N.Y. Like many others
from his generation, Matt enlisted after watching the devastation of
the Twin Towers attack on Live TV. Matt served with the HSC-8
Eightballers and deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi
Freedom in 2005. Since leaving the World’s Finest Navy, Matt has
continued his service to his country and community by working with
National Disaster Response agencies such as AmeriCorps, Team
Rubicon, and the American Red Cross. As a civilian, Matt has
deployed in an emergency capacity to disasters all over the Western hemisphere. In his professional life - Matt owns and operates an Art/Music studio that focuses on Digital and Film photography development, fine art painting, musical recordings, and community engagement. In addition to photography and volunteer service work, Matt has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Buffalo State College. Matt hopes to see the Buffalo Bills win a Super Bowl in his lifetime.

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