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Scott O’Grady is a former United States Air Force Captain and Air Force fighter pilot who gained prominence after the June 2, 1995 Mrkonjic Grad incident, in which he ejected over Bosnia when his F-16C was shot down by a Bosnian Serb SA-6 while he was patrolling the no-fly zone. He survived for almost six days by eating leaves, grass, and ants and avoiding Serb patrols while trying to contact Magic, NATO’s airborne command center. He evaded capture and was rescued on June 8 by U.S. Marines.

Scott served twelve years in the Air Force both active and reserve duty and continued to fly the F-16 three years after his rescue.


O’Grady tells his incredible story of survival in his book , Return With Honor. In May 2007, he completed a master’s degree in biblical studies at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas. He resides in Texas.

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