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Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Ben grew up in the mountains,
enjoying all that living in Alaska has to offer. Ben’s background is in
pre-hospital emergency medicine, specializing in flight and remote
emergency medicine. He honed his skills in various remote locations around the world, traveling and living in various parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. After many years working in emergency medicine, Ben made the transition out of medicine and into industrial occupational safety, spending almost a decade working as a Health, Environmental, and Safety Specialist for Chevron North America Exploration and Production, both on land-based and deepwater operations. After leaving corporate life, Ben spent 5 years as a general manager for Skydive Spaceland, first as the manager of their Houston, Texas location, and then as manager of their Dallas, Texas location.

An avid skier and accomplished big wall climber, Ben is also a BASE jumper, rated paraglider pilot, certified rescue SCUBA diver, as well as a master parachutists, skydiving instructor, and PRO rated skydiving demonstration specialist.

Skydiving has been one o f Ben’s greatest passions. With more than a decade being active in the sport skydiving community, Ben has logged more than 11,000 sport sky dives. He is an 18 time sky diving world record holder, and has dozens of US national and State skydiving records.

Ben currently resides in the Pacific Northwest and spends his time
enjoying his hobbies between skydiving instructor contracts. Ben is also a Federal Aviation Administration certified Senior Parachute Rigger and he operates his own rigging loft, providing services to skydivers and paragliding pilots.

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