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Abe Lawrence IV comes from three generations of service in the aviation industry and is the owner of AV8 Management, based in Dallas, Texas. Growing up with his grandfather and father actively working in multiple aspects of the industry, Abe naturally gained interest at a young age to pursue the same. During high school and while studying Aerospace Engineering in college, Abe logged as many flight hours as he could with the intent of becoming an airline pilot. As the economy wasn’t as optimistic as he was at landing a pilot job, Abe pursued opportunities with Delta and its subsidiaries as an instructor for new hires in operations for about 7 years. While with Delta, Abe was offered an opportunity to work with Red Bull North America. As a young company at the time, he wore many hats for the 15 years he was there including marketing, distribution operations, and safety & risk management which included many aspects of their aviation teamed events. As the economy and aviation industry started to head back in the right direction, Abe took the opportunity to start AV8, a full-service aviation management services company that can assist aircraft owners with the buying, selling, chartering, pilot sourcing, maintenance, and international trip planning of aircraft. He saw a need for factual and reliable information to be introduced to those that had been misled in the industry or create a positive experience to those that are new to the process. While it seems Abe’s every waking moment is working on a project in aviation, he does have a wife and two children, 4-year-old son, Abe V, or as most call him, Cinco, and 18-month-old daughter, Piper (Yes, named after the aircraft manufacture) at home that will eat as much time as he lets them. Abe looks forward to sharing his knowledge and resources while learning from those involved in this project. Thank you!

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