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Join The Chosen

Whoever invests $20 into the Human Performance Project will enter to join an elite group for a 7 day / 7 continent trip and experience the Human Performance Project first hand.

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The Mission

Projects | Goals | Expectations

Our ultimate goal through our list of epic projects is to help support our Veterans and First Responders.


The Chosen

Epic Fundraiser

Challenging Americans to step up for our Veterans and First Responders by joining an epic sweepstakes.


The Legacy Jump


Your Legacy isn't built from your triumphs or victories, rather from the courage you instill in others.


Human Performance Project

Analyzing the extremes of human performance to assist our Veterans and First Responders.


Who is Birdman?

Navy SEAL Veteran

Performing extreme stunts to raise awareness for our Veterans and First Responders.


The Charity

Birds Eye View Project

Supporting Veteran and First Responder Non-Profits across

the country.

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